The Real Doctor George

George Lough, Ph.D.

(818) 980-0606


The real Doctor George (a.k.a., George Lough, pronounced "how") has been in practice for more than thirty years. His treatment specialties, based on years of professional training, include: relationship issues, depression, anxieties, fears, and life coaching.

As a psychology professor and author, Doctor Lough uses his years of professional experience, personal challenges, and knowledge of theory and research to understand his clients' lives. Experienced in Jungian, Behavioral and Object Relations therapies, he uses whatever techniques are best suited for each individual in a manner that is empathic, and yet gently confrontive, to provide insights in a helpful way.

The people who see Doctor Lough have usually reached a point in their lives of wanting to attain a deeper understanding of themselves, their behaviors, their feelings, and their potential. Some come to therapy to resolve issues from their childhood: troubling issues that interfere with their productivity, their relationships, and their overall happiness. They work with Doctor Lough to transform the negative models of relationships, that they internalized while growing up in dysfunctional families, into productive behaviors and rewarding results.

The work is challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, but Doctor Lough (himself having grown up in a dysfunctional family and thus contending with his own problems, anxieties, fears, angers, and mistakes in relationships), brings gentleness and empathy to help people feel they have an ally in their struggle to transform their lives and to both realize and become the people they are truly meant to be.

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