Dear Doctor George...

Why are you writing a columm and, in the future, will you be answering questions from people other than yourself?

... Doctor George




Dear Doctor George...

Thank you for writing to yourself. Questions to oneself are the most important ones to answer!

As you know, Doctor George has spent over 30 years counseling individuals, couples and families, and teaching psychology in colleges and universities in Southern California. He thought it might be time to share what he has learned with a wider audience. Mrs. Doctor George agrees because she's tired of Doctor George making her ask him questions (in writing!).

Of course, there are some other reasons, as well...

In the past 120 years, psychology has made an enormous contribution to civilization, yet many people have only a superficial familiarity with its discoveries. Doctor George likes to apply psychology to the problems people have in their everyday lives. He also likes to have fun and he hopes to give his readers some pleasure.

Doctor George also hopes to provide his readers an original perspective on issues and problems. And, he wants to reach out to the community by sharing psychological knowledge and information for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

The thing you should know is that Doctor George is honest - truth is his thing. He can be blunt; he can be tactful; but, most importantly, he's going to be telling the truth. That doesn't mean there's no room for humor because humor has healing effects: physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Doctor George always looks forward to an opportunity to answer questions. Every once in awhile, he will post one of the many questions he receives, while teaching classes and in his practice, on this website.

   Doctor George